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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Internship Opportunities Available

Check out these internship opportunities available for the coming semesters! 

1. Do you secretly think you might be the "voice of a generation?" The next David Sedaris? The future Joan Didion? We kind of think so too, which is why this is the perfect internship for you.

We're Enchantress Magazine, an online community launching next year, and we’re dedicated to sharing real stories from real people. We're looking for strong writers with strong voices to craft short, weekly first-person essays.

Our unique internship program is totally remote, meaning you may work from anywhere, and entirely writing-based, as in the only coffee you'll be fetching is for yourself. Hours, likewise, are flexible according to your schedule: You will select your own recurring deadline and you will be expected to turn in one (1) first-person piece per week about a mutually agreed-upon topic or event from your life. Everything you write will appear as a 'Contributor' byline and may be used for your portfolio or personal website after it’s published on our site.  

In addition to learning the ins and outs of the editorial process, from brainstorming and pitching to writing and promoting, you will receive the guidance and support of our editorial team.

This opportunity is unpaid and will take place during the Winter/Spring 2015 semester.

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 40529.

2. The Health Research Training Program (HRTP) within the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene offers internship opportunities to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

For over 50 years, students have had the opportunity to experience some of the “real life” challenges of public health and apply classroom learning to practical problems.

Placed within various divisions of the agency, interns are able to work on current public health problems under the close supervision and mentoring by experienced public health professionals.

HRTP has three internship sessions each year. Applications are due:
November 15th for consideration for the spring session, August 15th for consideration for the fall, and February 15th for consideration for the summer session. For more info:

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 40683.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Available Full Time Opportunities

Check out a few full-time opportunities we've highlighted from CareerLink below:

1. Wolfe Research is looking for a junior associate to join the firm’s highly-rated Transportation research team. 

This is an opportunity to join a large, highly-motivated, and dynamic equity research team covering nearly 40 stocks.
The Associate will report to the Senior Analyst and will be responsible for modeling, note writing, and communicating with clients. The Associate will help craft investment theses, write research, attend industry trade shows and company analyst days, and update models.

Strong writing, modeling, accounting, and Excel skills are required. We are looking for someone with 1-2 years of prior experience in equity research or investment banking. Starting compensation will be determined by the candidate’s level of experience and overall qualifications and upside will be based on performance.

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink Job ID #: 40599.

2. CLS | Indoet is looking for an Assistant Media Planner.  The position is an internship that could lead to a full-time position for the right person.

This is a great opportunity - the right candidate will receive lots of exposure to all areas of digital/interactive media planning and management including: Display, Social, Mobile and Email.

We would prefer someone full-time, but are open to part-time schedules to work around class, etc.

- Supports media planners in all steps of planning, execution, reporting and optimization.
- Assists with researching new media placements and publisher outreach.
- Develops and maintains relationships with media vendors.
- Produces media buys, traffics creative and monitors campaign performance daily.
- Supports accounting with associated billing.
- Actively works with a media planner to create ideas and build media strategy.
- Assists in preparation of reports and presentations.

- Learn trafficking and reporting for Doubleclick for Advertisers (DFA) and Google Analytics (GA).
- Develop media planning, negotiation and buying skill sets.
- Learn Google Ad-Words and Facebook Power editor.
- Will work with several ASP and SAS providers.

- Must be proficient in Excel
- Organized
- Strong attention to detail
- Eager to get involved

- Hourly wage
- Good culture

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 40356.

3. SAGA FELLOWS is hiring!
The SAGA Fellows program is a full time, in-school professional math tutoring opportunity. This is the start-up year and we are looking for the first group of pioneers in New York City.  This opportunity is a great fit for individuals who are entrepreneurial and have a strong commitment to urban education.  A SAGA is a story of heroic achievement, and these stories are crafted every day both for the students and the Fellows.

Unlike traditional, often disconnected tutoring that happens outside of school hours, SAGA tutoring occurs as a stand-alone class period and is built into the school day (on many occasions as an elective course for credit). Each tutoring Fellow is assigned a personal caseload of 13 students and will work with the same students every day. Fellows work with students in small-groups (1:2 is our standard; one period is 1:3), provide them with intense academic support, and communicate with their parents weekly.  A SAGA site director is in the classroom with the Fellows, observing and giving feedback to each tutor each day.  The team will be together all day, supervised and given intensive coaching and feedback by SAGA staff in the classroom.

We are working on a proposed demonstration project within the NYC public school system serving 9th grade students in Brooklyn.  We are actively seeking 10 pioneers to tutor 9th grade math. Tutoring will occur every school day, 6 out of 8 periods of the day, from February 3, 2015 to the last day of school in June 2015. Fellows will start on January 20th for training, and serve until the last day of school (5+ months).

- Fellows guarantee student academic success  by individualizing instruction and building meaningful relationships with their students.
- Fellows will tutor students in 9th grade math (algebra 1).
- Each Fellow will work with an average of two students at a time for each period of the school day, and will have a personal caseload of up to 13 students they will work with every day.
- Fellows contact families each week about student progress. This communication forges trust, creates relationships and keeps parents aware of the successes and needs of their children.
- Every site has a coordinator who is responsible for observing, training and assisting Fellows through the entire year. Fellows will be observed daily and must be hungry for feedback.

Fellows are employees of SAGA Innovations and will receive a $9,000 stipend for the 5+ month pilot and access to health benefits, and the opportunity for advancement after the pilot concludes in June.

- Bachelors degree required (ALL majors accepted; an education major or minor is NOT required)
- Strong basic high school math skills (you will take a math test as one step in landing this position)
- Passion for education reform and hunger for feedback.
- Prior paid or volunteer experience with students is helpful.
- Prior coaching, tutoring or teaching experience is helpful

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 40261.

Available Internship Opportunities

There are still available internships available for the Spring and Summer terms. Check out a couple opportunities spotlighted below:

1. Hegemon is looking for Marketing & Branding interns for the spring and summer semesters!

Position Summary:
Interns will work directly with the president to assist and learn about all aspects of the brand licensing industry including business development, retail market research, sales strategies, licensing transactions and client management. This is a ground floor opportunity with a growing company in the multi-billion dollar consumer products industry.

-Perform research on current trends.
-Attend team meetings to ensure knowledge, good communication and adherence to timetables
-Administrative responsibilities as needed

-Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office
-Social media and web savvy
-Attention to details and accuracy
-Excellent written and verbal communication skills
-Organized and able to multi-task
-Team player with a clear focus on delivering results
-Self-motivated; able to work independently
-Must be located in New York
-Previous internships in marketing and/or related work experience preferred.

For more information or to apply today, head to CareerLink Job ID # 34554.

2. Movements is looking to fill a Program Associate Internship for this Spring semester!

As an integral member of our team you will gain essential skills. Working with us you will have the opportunity to:

- Participate in the strategy and analysis discussions regarding our programs, including goals, methods, and impacts.
- Suggest strategies and tactics for achieving specific objectives.
- Conduct crucial research for our ongoing campaigns and programs.
- Work on, create, and maintain social media campaigns.
- Edit and create materials for our website.
- Lobby Washington to effect change relating to human rights abuses.
- Engage students on campuses to take part in our mission.
- Advocate on behalf of the victims of human rights violations.
- Keep on top of and report on the latest news and blogs regarding digital activism.
- Conduct outreach to partners and members, so as to build relationships and drive participation and usage of Movements.
- Learn the ins and outs of our CRM (Customer Relation Management Software).

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink Job ID # 40498.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Internship Spotlight: Miranda Morton

By Miranda Morton, FCRH '15

Last January, I made the difficult decision to drop the pre-med track halfway through my junior year. I made this change after some serious introspection and self-questioning. Despite being only 3 courses away from completing either a Biology degree, Environmental Science degree, or General Science degree (all of which I’ve declared at one point or another), I could no longer pretend to myself that pursuing a career in the medical field or devoting my life to scientific research would ever make me happy. It only took two and a half years, but I finally conceded that my passion has always been learning about other nations—their governments, cultures, religions, environmental practices, and relationships with other countries.

The part that made this decision so difficult was that I had no idea what people are supposed to do with an International Studies major! With a science degree, my future felt more straightforward: to become a dentist would mean going to dental school, which means completing the prerequisites during my undergrad studies. With a humanities degree, however, my career no longer depends on the acquisition of a D.D.S. but rather on the types of opportunities I seek, the ideas I come up with, and the drive I have to succeed.

One of the first opportunities presented to me after switching majors came from my new International Studies advisor. He was advertising for an internship at the United Nations taking place within the Department of Public Information (DPI), whose mission is “to promote global awareness and understanding of the work of the United Nations.” After applying and interviewing, I became one of two Fordham Youth Representatives for the 2014/2015 school year.

Since my internship commenced in September, I have attended high-level briefings with preeminent figures in attendance, like Ban Ki-moon and Helen Clark, international days of celebration, including the International Day of Non-Violence and the International Day of Older Persons, an intimate small committee meeting with the NGO Committee on Education, and mid-level dialogues on post-2015 implementation of action agenda items.

Though this is my first internship and I’ve only been on the job for two months, I can see how this internship experience is unique. Much of my job description remains undefined, allowing me to craft my experience in the most beneficial way I see fit. Yes, part of the job description includes attending briefings, writing summaries, keeping up a blog, and bringing other students to the UN, but if that were all I was doing, I’d be missing out.

With the liberty I’ve been granted, I’ve truly been able to take advantage of this learning experience. By virtue of events and conferences, the DPI brings together UN officials and NGOs from around the world, all representing different causes. This has made networking incredibly easy for me and has already allowed me to garner resources and contacts for developing my future career. I’ve also had the chance to share my experience by spreading knowledge of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals and forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals. My predominant goal as a Youth Representative is to keep the Fordham population informed with the goings-on at the UN, so that we may become more enlightened and more united in our action towards bettering our world, and more specifically, our own Bronx community. By collaborating and forming partnerships, we can help implement the UN’s agenda.

One thing I’ve learned at the UN is that though there is war, anxiety, and tension throughout the world, there also exists a strong commitment to create prosperity for all nations. My time at the UN has thus far cultivated my passion for examining global challenges and analyzing possible solutions. As I consider my future, I hope to pursue further opportunities that would allow me to become involved in the global initiative for a better and more sustainable world. Though I still have no idea what people with an International Studies major “do”, this internship has allowed me to explore the myriad avenues stretched out before me.

If you're interested in becoming a Fordham Youth Representative for the 2015/2016 school year, please contact Ms. Kelly Roberts at Applications are due in May.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Open House Event: Empire Wealth Strategies

Empire Wealth Strategies is hosting a “New Year, New Career” Open House event during the winter break… find out if you should attend!

When: January 8, 2015
Time: 12:30 – 3:00 
Who: Event is for any seniors or recent graduates who are interested in learning more about becoming an entrepreneurial financial advisor as well as some career development tips. 
Additional Info: During our New Year, New Career Open House and Developmental Workshops we will be giving tours of our newly renovated offices and offer sessions on a variety of topics including:

- Leveraging LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job – Learn the latest strategies of using LinkedIn in order to have a professional profile and how to network your way to the interviews you desire.  Our Director of Marketing & Social Media, Sheerah Singer, will be leading this very informative workshop.

- The Art and Science of Money for the Graduating Senior – Gretta Zutz, one of our top young financial advisors, will share some financial advice tips that recent college graduates should know once they enter the workplace.

- “Why I Chose to be a Financial Advisor” – Our CEO, Susan Cooper, will moderate a panel of young financial advisors who will share their stories of why they chose to be a financial advisor and reveal the opportunities (and challenges) that this career provides.  

- Making The Entrepreneurial Journey – attendees will be able to hear about the career opportunity in more detail along with what makes Empire Wealth Strategies unique in this informational session led by President, Greg Winsper. 

For more information and to register:

Friday, October 31, 2014

Full Time Opportunity: T3

T3 Trading Group is hiring for a Full-Time Entry Level Trader!

T3 Trading Group, LLC (T3) is a Registered SEC Broker-Dealer & Member of the NASDAQ OMX PHLX Exchange. Our proprietary traders focus on intraday momentum, swing, and technical trading of US equity markets. T3, based in downtown New York City, specializes in the development of both new and experienced traders from around the United States. Founded by market veterans, T3 has established itself as a leader in the proprietary trading industry by creating the optimal environment for successful trading, boasting some of the most successful and talented traders in the industry.

T3 is dedicated to enhancing the talents of its traders, implementing a multi-strategy focus in order to increase returns while balancing risk/reward parameters. Through well-developed relationships, T3 offers a robust trading platform via its state of the art infrastructure to better execute trades that augment the performance of its strategies. While focusing on the trading of equities, T3 traders also trade options, which are used both as hedging tools for equity positions and for speculation. More Info.

The essential building blocks taught by our veteran traders include:
Tutorial of latest trading software and fundamental market concepts
Stock selection
Time frame analysis
Nuances of building positions
Recognizing relative strength and weakness
Buy and sell setups
Retracement strategies
Trading gaps
Trade timing
How to anticipate a trade
Trading market reversals.
Entering and exiting trades
Trading and reacting to news
Keys to consistent profitability

Other Benefits:
Open trading floors allow for free flow of ideas
Hands on computer training with simulator
Group strategy meetings
Daily analysis and evaluation of trading progress
Strategies for fluctuating market conditions

Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness --this is our management's mantra. Daily meetings, plus personal mentoring by senior traders will provide trainees with the education and tools to excel. Our "edge" is the synthesis of different trading styles, coupled with open collaborative communication and first rate technology.

"The secret to being successful from a trading perspective is to have an indefatigable and an undying and unquenchable thirst for information and knowledge." If this describes you, and if you feel you have the aptitude and drive to thrive in the competitive world of equities trading, email your resume to and we will contact you shortly.

For additional information or to apply via CareerLink: Job ID # 39298.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

TestMasters Seminar: LSAT

Are you planning to take the LSAT in the near future?
Or maybe you just want to learn more about the LSAT?

The Fordham Pre-Law Advising Program at Rose Hill is hosting TestMasters for an LSAT Seminar!

When: Wednesday, October 29th 
Time: 2:30 PM
Where: Keating 319

The seminar will be taught by one of TestMasters' highly experienced LSAT instructors who scored in the 98th percentile or higher on the test. They will introduce students to the LSAT and discuss the role of the test in the law school admission process as well as teach several real LSAT questions while examining the underlying concepts of the test and introducing students to a variety of important techniques that they can use to maximize their score.

Since seating is limited, students should register as soon as possible:

Also, to thank students for making us one of the top prep providers at Fordham, we are offering all current Fordham undergraduates a $500 discount for our live LSAT preparation course. This discount will be effective for courses preparing for any 2015 LSAT administration and can be used for any of our course locations across the country.