Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Full-Time Opportunities: Information Builders

Information Builders is looking for two full time positions to join its team! Candidates should be positive, professional, and possess excellent communication and problem solving skills.

1. Technical Writer I - Technical Writers in the Technical Content Management department support release documentation projects for multiple products within or across Information Builders product divisions.

Responsibilities include:

- Managing release doc projects for product releases
- Coordinating roll-out schedules in specified time-frames
- Developing workload plans, project plans and, roll-out schedules
- Supporting release technical writing tasks, such as updates, enhancements, and new features
- Installing and testing development software to update release documentation
- Independently learning company's software products, planning your time, communicating project status, multi-tasking
- Supporting creation of indexes and glossaries and learning how to create them

Ideal candidate possesses:

A Bachelor's Degree in Technical Writing or a related field
- Working knowledge of: Microsoft Office, FrameMaker, XML/DITA, or a content management system editor for creating technical documents.
- 1-3 years technical writing experience in a software development setting or related field.
- Working knowledge of a typical software development projects’ workflow, the techniques used to manage development software content updates, and software development technical writing best practices.
- Ability to learn the software products associated with assigned projects
- Excellent technical writing skills

For more details and to apply today, head to CareerLink. Job ID# 48433

2. Technical Software Support Representative - after significant training, representatives provide technical support to Information Builders' customers and employees with application deployment, debugging, and problem determination

Responsibilities include:

- Solving problems and answering questions quickly, efficiently and courteously
- Meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction and responsiveness goals
- Providing front-line technical support predominantly of a post sales nature
- Acquiring technical knowledge of Information Builders products in order to address - customer problems and questions by attending internal training classes
- Creating Symptom Problem Solutions (SPSs) and technical documents
- Learning and adopting time management skills to accommodate changing workloads 

Ideal candidate possesses:

- College degree (preferably in computer science) or equivalent experience
- One to two years of technical support or equivalent experience
- Knowledge of WebFOCUS or FOCUS a plus
- Experience with two or more operating systems
- At least one year experience working with Java or .NET in the web environment
- Willingness to work a flexible schedule as needed

For more details and to apply today, visit CareerLink. Job ID# 33290

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Internship Opportunity: Source Communications

Source Communications is looking for an intern to join its team immediately and carry through the Spring semester, if possible.  Candidates should be outgoing, enthusiastic and creative; must possess excellent written and verbal skills and a strong interest in public relations.

Responsibilities include:
- Actively work to develop a broad understanding of the PR business by performing a range of assignments
- Actively contribute in team meetings, as well as in brainstorming, developing and researching client programs
- Monitor media coverage, social media etc.
- Conduct research for new business proposals/meetings, client initiatives, etc.
- Assist with drafting media alerts, pitch letters, bios, key messaging etc
- Develop media lists accurately through research and Cision
- Provide onsite assistance at events if needed
- Stay aware of current events and assist in daily media scans for client media opportunities

Must be available at least two full days a week.  Candidates majoring in communications, journalism or marketing preferred. Knowledge of Cision a plus. 

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID# 48685.

Student Spotlight: Brandon Dempster

By Brandon Dempster, GSB ‘17

Seeking Alpha is a community-driven investment research website that truly enhances a business student’s understanding of the markets, investment analysis skills, and intangible skills like persuasion and debate in order to effectively communicate pitches on various securities.

My work so far has been limited to just discussing some mid-cap equities, but I can honestly say I have learned so much. This is an excellent outside the classroom resource and I firmly believe that moving forward, the skills I just listed will improve exponentially. Can I now tell you the implications of currency hedges for McDonald’s? Yes. Can I now argue why Take-Two Interactive will post greater FY 2016 earnings than their primary comparable universe, comprised of Electronic Arts and Activision-Blizzard? Yes.

Seeking Alpha really extends on the fundamental knowledge you build in the classroom and helps you apply it to real-world scenarios –scenarios that all business students are going to face at some point. Being a contributing writer on the site is not easy, and the community will let you know when your insight isn’t probable or well thought-out; however, that’s the beauty of this site – the feedback you receive from the community allows you to broaden your focus and understand different catalysts that might affect your security under consideration.

I am enjoying every second of it and really encourage my fellow Fordham Gabelli School of Business students to become contributing writers. You can contact me directly with any questions you may have at

Friday, May 29, 2015

Intern Spotlight: 5 Ways to Commute Like A Champion

By Marissa Dow, FCRH '15
The best thing about interning in New York City is the plethora of opportunities available to you. There are hundreds of companies dying to hire eager interns to supper their teams. The worst part is those companies could be located in any of the five boroughs this great city has to offer, or even out of state in New Jersey or Connecticut.
Commuting, whether near or far, is never an easy feat in this city. There are so many unforeseen loopholes and obstacles that you don’t want to get in your way of being a professional and punctual intern. But commuting doesn’t have to be a bad thing: it can be easy, convenient, and not mention great for the environment. Here are the five best tips to commute like a pro no matter what side of the island you’re getting to. 
1. Always leave a substantial amount of buffer time for anything that could go wrong  - do not cut it as close as possible. This seems obvious, but it’s the most crucial part of having a successful commute. If you are due in the office at 9 AM, you don’t want to be stepping off of your train at 8:55. Even if your commute is next to nothing so many thing could delay you. There could be train delays, or your line could shut down entirely forcing you to reroute. Sudden inclimate weather or a painful shoe could make you just moments too late to be on your perfect schedule. Leave time for mistakes to happen. A good rule of thumb is to let yourself be two cycles ahead of when you should leave, so that you have plenty of time to adjust should things go wrong.
2. Practice your path ahead of time. You may not have the time allotted to physically take your commute before your first day but if you do it will save you a lot of stress as you try to pinpoint east from west once you exit the underground. Even if you can’t physically practice, virtually and mentally think about your route using the Internet’s greatest navigational gift: Google maps. You can jot down quick landmarks that will direct you to your destination without confusion. It doesn’t hurt to have an alternative map ready to go should you need a second best scenario.
3. Pack everything the night before – everything from your lunch to your outfit. When you do this, you have time to check in the morning that you have everything instead of hurriedly assembling everything and hoping for the best. You start your morning feeling prepared not rushed. Not only pack ahead of time but pack well – Aspirin, water, a sweater – the little things you may want on your walk or ride to work that could be easy to forget when you’re sprinting out the door will make your trip far more enjoyable.
4. Know the weather and know it well before you leave. Whether you’ll need an umbrella, snow shoes, sunglasses, or a lighter jacket the weather is a critical factor in the success of your commute. Without the proper gear you could be left cold, uncomfortable, or even hurt. Don’t get caught in the rain when you don’t have to – stash a tiny umbrella in your bag or briefcase that can always rest there in case of emergencies.
5. Last but not least COFFEE: or your preferred energy boosting breakfast beverage. Sometimes it’s too hard to cook a good breakfast on the go but a coffee (or caffeinated tea, smoothie, etc.) is the perfect thing to snag on your way out the door. You can sip in your car, bus, or train without disturbing others and it’ll keep you awake instead of groggy as you make your way to work. Make sure you use a recyclable beverage holder to stay ecologically responsible!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Full Time Opportunity: Mayo Performing Arts Center

The Mayo Performing Arts Center is hiring for a Production Manager!

The following is a new position, created due to the continued growth of the Theatre and its programs.

Overall Summary
The Production Manager oversees all production aspects to ensure the highest production standards for all Mayo Performing Arts Center productions.

Applicants MUST have the following qualifications:
- Knowledge of contemporary and traditional event production and presentation techniques for theatrical, dance, musicals, opera, concerts, films, and lecture productions
- Ability to communicate effectively in both verbal and written format
- Demonstrate experience working with a culturally diverse workforce and constituency
- Ability and skill to exercise diplomacy in dealing with others and establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.

Job duties include, but are not limited to:

- Direct the activities of technical staff, including IATSE stagehands, MPAC production staff, temporary over-hire staff and interns
- Resolve procedural, operational and other work-related problems by working with all parties involved to create a mutually satisfactory conclusion.
- Record and report all technical employee incidents that may require disciplinary action
- Direct the hiring and possible termination of all technical staff
- Direct, monitor and evaluate design process of all performances
- Consult on scheduling of all theater spaces and technical areas

- Work with the President and CEO to develop department goals and develop long-range plans
- Create and manage Production Department budget, and other long-term budgets
- Direct scheduling, staffing and budgeting for all aspects of show production
- Manage, monitor and approve all production-related expenses
- Monitor all capital expenses
- Coordinate all production, staffing and scheduling needs for in-house special events
- Attend weekly Production Department meetings
- Attend monthly department head meetings
- Act as liaison between MPAC Production Department and other MPAC Department Heads
- Consult on administration of payroll for all shows and production-related activity; work with touring acts to creatively solve all technical and financial challenges; realize designs on time and on budget

For more information and to apply today, email Anthony at

Internship Opportunity: MediaCom

MediaCom is looking to fill a Human Resources (HR) Summer Intern position! The Human Resources Intern is responsible for supporting the HR team across all operational and administrative functions and takes an active role in supporting key HR initiatives and processes.  This position reports to the HR Business Partners.

Business Responsibilities:
- Assist with the onboarding process for new hires and the payroll process
- Take initiative in getting involved and participating in new HR initiatives and projects
- Provide general administrative support such as filing, invoices, messenger services and travel arrangements

People Responsibilities:
- Ability to work in a team environment that promotes collaboration
- Strong customer service skills
- Ability to communicate effectively at all levels
- Ability to work successfully within a team as well as independently

Skills and Behaviors:
- Strong written and verbal communication skills
- Strong attention to detail and ability to work well under pressure
- Highly organized with the ability to multitask
- Understanding of the confidential nature of HR work
- Proficient in Microsoft Office, with Intermediate Microsoft Office skills

What should you bring with you?
- Excitement! This industry is fast-paced, dynamic, and exciting. Enthusiasm will help you succeed and get the most out of your experience.
- Questions. This is the time to get answers - you will have the rare opportunity to interact with people who work on all sides of this business.
- An open mind. You’ll encounter lots of different people over the summer and all of them will bring something unique to the table. Opening your mind to new ways of thinking will allow you to see things from perspectives you might not have considered before.

What will help you succeed at MediaCom?
- Curiosity about advertising and media
- A team mentality and ability to collaborate
- Responsibility and a strong work-ethic
- Experience with Microsoft Office

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID# 46875.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Full-Time Internship Opportunity: Havas Worldwide New York

Advertising Agency Havas Worldwide is looking to fill a Resource Management Internship!

About the Job:
Resource Management is essential to the operations of modern agencies. The core of every great business is its people. Resource Managers are responsible for the placement and assignment of all current employees across all departments in the agency - from Account and Creative, through Development and QA. They coordinate capabilities and workload through allocations, capacity planning, skill set mapping and utilization analysis. Having an understanding of marketing, the creative process and budget management is extremely important.

Must be a graduating senior or recent alum. There is heavy data analysis, experience working with Excel is a must, having an interest in people and personnel management is a must, business management or finance experience is a plus.

For more information or to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID# 47055.