Thursday, September 3, 2015

Information Panel: Credit Suisse Firmwide Panel

Credit Suisse Firmwide Panel 
Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Tognino Hall

Credit Suisse will be on campus to educate students on the variety of summer analyst programs available for students in their junior year. Employees from several divisions will be speaking on a panel to provide a brief overview of the bank and the 13 departments that we recruit for on campus. Networking will take place after the panel for students to meet with business area representatives on specific questions.

The departments that Credit Suisse is recruiting for, and will be presenting on, include: 
- Investment Banking (Sales & Trading, Investment Banking, 
- Asset Finance
- Equity Research
- Global Markets Solutions Group, IB COO)
- Private Banking and Wealth Management (Private Banking, Asset Management)
- Shared Services (IT, Internal Audit, Operations, Finance, TB&C).

Credit Suisse will not be collecting resumes at this event. If you are interested in applying to their Summer Analyst Program, please see CareerLink and search for Credit Suisse. 

Students must RSVP to this event. 
This event is open to sophomores and juniors from both Fordham College and Gabelli with an interest in pursuing a career at an Investment Bank. Sophomores are not eligible for the summer analyst program, but are encouraged to attend to learn more about the opportunities and be prepared for their junior year. 

Panel will take place in Tognino Hall from 6pm to 8pm on September 8th.
Please RSVP on CareerLink -> Events -> Info Sessions

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Internship Opportunity: Partnership for a New American Economy

The Partnership for a New American Economy is seeking a part-time 2015 Fall Semester New York City-based, paid Intern to assist in strategy, research, organizing, event planning, writing, project management, social media, and design.

The Partnership for a New American Economy brings together more than 500 Republican, Democratic, and Independent mayors and business leaders united in making the case for streamlining, modernizing, and rationalizing our immigration system. They advocate for reform through a variety of digital and on-the-ground initiatives and through original research and policy reports. They engage our political leaders in Washington DC and across the country, and we unite the diverse sectors that support reform. The Partnership also supports state and local efforts to attract, retain and integrate immigrants as a strategy for maximizing economic growth and competitiveness.

Responsibilities include:
- Writing for various projects including op-eds, speeches, talking points, blog posts and press content.
- Helping to manage social media accounts including generating content and driving strategy via analysis.
- Helping to maintain a constant flow of website content and responding to outside engagement.
- Helping with research for policy reports.
- Engaging our membership and recruiting new members.
- Assisting in all communications efforts.
- Helping to plan events around the country.

- Excellent social media skills.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills.
- Good interpersonal and teamwork abilities.
- Able to multi-task well and eager to work on a variety of projects.
- Experience analyzing data is a plus.
- Start Date: Late August/Early September
- End Date: Early December
- Able to work from the New York City office 20-25 hours per week.

** For more information, visit CareerLink, Job ID# 49502
** To apply, please send resume and cover letter to with the subject line "Fall 2015 Internship Application"

Monday, August 24, 2015

FCA Student Spotlight: Sarah Antony -- Northwestern Mutual Internship Experience

Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative Internship
By Sarah Antony, '16
Fordham Career Ambassador

I first looked into an internship with Northwestern Mutual because I liked their company philosophy. It is focused on financial planning for the long term. True to form, the Financial Representative internship is also geared towards preparing interns for a career in the long term.

About the Internship Itself
       Northwestern Mutual treats its interns like full-time Financial Reps; we are encouraged to view ourselves as the CEO of our own financial services practices. The internship is difficult, but gives college students a head start on a long career. Northwestern Mutual is built on meaningful, trusting relationships with clients. Part of the expectation for new Financial Representatives is building up a client base for our own personal practices, with relationships that hopefully last a lifetime.
       That being said, the company knows it’s tough and has an incredible support system in place. Northwestern Mutual actually provides training and sponsors financial services licensing for each state. More experienced financial planners accompany new reps on client meetings. We attend weekly meetings where interns pick up soft skills and get a chance to ask for help with specific problems. Successful financial advisors, many of whom started out in the internship program, are more than willing to share their experiences, advice, and inspiration.

How to succeed
       This internship might be a good fit for outgoing people, but even if you don’t feel that networking comes to you naturally, anyone can learn how to do it. As a Financial Rep, I get a chance to put all the soft skills that I picked up as a Fordham Career Ambassador to work. Little things like sending prompt follow-up emails and presenting yourself professionally go a long way.
       If you are considering this internship, I recommend practicing meeting people in a casual setting to talk about your professional goals or schoolwork. It can be as simple as contacting a favorite professor or one of your friends who graduated and started working recently, and asking them to meet you for coffee.  This allows you to get used to the idea of arranging meetings, which I used to find awkward. In addition, it keeps your connections from going stale, and at the very least gives you the chance to enjoy a chat with someone you don’t get to see normally. You will have a much easier time as a Financial Rep if you have expanded the circle of people you feel comfortable reaching out to beforehand.
       Get into the mindset early on that you should be reaching out to the people you meet on campus and through Career Services events. Career Services taught me how to build a network, and the Financial Representative internship taught me what do with it.
-- For more information on this position and to apply, visit CareerLink, Job ID# 51006

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Internship Opportunity: Bookmarks4Fun

Bookmarks4Fun is looking for a Marketing and Design intern to join their fun company for the Fall. The person in the role will be exposed to a start-up environment where they will have the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility and communicate with brand named stores and partners, entertainers to help endorse their product, and possibly sports teams and movie studios to license their brands, work with Social Media, and Graphics and Web Design and SEO. 

Choice of Responsibilities:
- Perform research to find the name and contact information for buyers of stores, both domestically and internationally.
- Research names and contact information for companies such as Disney, MLB, NBA, etc. to find the licensing person.
- Find contact names for popular YouTubers who might endorse our product. Send letters and respond to the above contacts to generate initial conversations (this will be offered to those who write and communicate exceptionally well.)
Social Media:
- Manage our Wikipedia site
- Manage our YouTube site – shoot video clips, develop YouTube content plans etc.
- Manage our Groupon site
- Manage our Facebook and Twitter accounts
- Create Graphic designs for our marketing materials and website
- Web Design

- S/he should have excellent online research skills
- S/he should be very self-confident and well-spoken if they need to gather information by phone.
- S/he should write extremely well in business like fashion to represent the company well.
- S/he should be self-motivated and be able to work on their own once given guidelines.
- S/he can work flexible hours and will be working from a satellite office (i.e., their home or place of their choice).
- S/he is available to work a minimum of 7-10 hours a week if it is for non-credit.

For more information and to apply, head to CareerLink, Job ID# 51349

Full-Time Opportunity: TransPerfect

TransPerfect is looking for a full-time Website Engineer. The candidate should be a Fordham graduate and have experience developing, managing, and maintaining websites. 

As a result of continued demand for our products and services,, is looking for a bright, self-motivated Website Engineer to join our “startup within an established company” and work on a language translation project for our global clients. Your work will directly impact live websites of our worldwide client base with new clients being added every week.

- Analysis of web sites and applications for localization potential and time/material requirements
- Automation of analysis and file parsing and filtering, plus several other related activities
- Re-engineering of some components (re-coding, and other technical changes to accommodate localization-related adjustments, script writing, as required)
- Ensure compliance with clients requirements and integrity of data
- Interface and coordinate with project management and art-graphics personnel, sales and customers;provide input to pre-sale planning and estimating of projects
- Provide support to operations and sales management, as required
- Provide quotes on new projects for marketing/sales departments as needed
- Perform other special projects or duties when required
- Salary = Competitive

- BA/BS Degree
- Fluency in English a must along with excellent verbal and written communication skills
- Fundamental understanding of HTML as seen by the browser.
- Fundamental understanding of CSS
- Fundamental understanding of JavaScript
- Must possess a sense of urgency and the ability to work under pressure
- Possess a high degree of pride in solid, quality work
- Must demonstrate quick and effective problem-solving abilities

Desired Skills:
- Foreign language and localization experience a definite plus
- Knowledge and understanding of websites; HTTP/HTTPS, HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, and JavaScript
- Experience developing, managing, or maintaining websites
- Knowledge and understanding of Apache web servers and UNIX-based systems
- Must be self-directed, possess excellent time management skills and a strong business sense
- Willingness to work off hours as needed
- Detail-oriented and a committed to results

To apply, CLICK HERE. For more information head to CareerLink, Job ID# 51268

Monday, August 17, 2015

Student Spotlight: Jess Baker -- It's Time to Talk LinkedIn

It’s Time to Talk LinkedIn
by: Jess Becker

       It is extremely rare to find a college student without Facebook. Being absent from the Facebook realm, especially during middle school days, was equivalent to “social suicide.” Facebook gives us a virtual sense of belonging and a place for self-presentation. 
       It comes as no surprise that social media has become an integral part of modern society - so much so that even children only 6 years old have started to gravitate towards social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. They are ruling these platforms by racking up countless followers.
       Yet, there is one social media account that we college students seem a little reluctant to create, and that is LinkedIn. 
       Here is why this may be the case: LinkedIn is unlike any other social media platform out there. It creates a bridge between us and the professional world, legitimizing the fear that our school years are coming to an end, and that we are growing up. For most of us these are some very scary and intimidating thoughts. Being serious and professional online is not that easy when we are used to posting embarrassing pictures of friends or posting our immediate reactions to Taylor Swift's latest performance. 
       However, in reality, we do grow older every day, even if we don’t like to believe it. We cannot just expect jobs and career paths to find us. When we are actually able to come to grips with this shattering realization, LinkedIn will become the best social media platform out there where we may want to invest most of our time. Of course this is assuming that most of us would agree that being found and offered a position with a dream company beats getting a plethora of likes on a new profile picture. Though it requires exerting some effort, LinkedIn can certainly ignite job and career development and eventually help us to successfully find a job we love.
       With that being said, carrying around a solid resume or just “existing” on LinkedIn is not going to cut it. We must be active and make ourselves noticed. Here are five quick and efficient ways to increase your chances of being found by the right people on LinkedIn: 
1.) Customize the URL with your name 
2.) Specify your tagline to show others what we are looking for 
3.) Connect to the Ramily and other Fordham Alumni groups 
4.) Upload a professional looking picture with a plain background and a smile on your face 
5.) Endorse yourself by effectively summarizing and detailing your goals, experiences and accomplishments
       Our profiles and activity on LinkedIn can surely make or break us. We must make being on LinkedIn worthwhile by making use of all that it has to offer. Otherwise, why not just be on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? LinkedIn gives us the opportunity to build a professional online presence, to make connections with contacts, to research companies, to explore opportunities, and to learn more about networking etiquette. 
       So take advantage! To get kick started, add your internship and post-graduation information to the Fordham CareerInsights Platform, and then check out for a closer look at LinkedIn and some more valuable tips!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Fordham Mentoring Program Application Date

APPLY ONLINE by August 17th
Want more info? Contact: Christie Welch -

The Fordham Mentoring Program pairs motivated students with experienced alumni who share professional and personal expertise and guidance through a one-on-one year-long mentorship. Mentors and mentees take part in Fordham-hosted events and workshops, regular engagement surveys, mock interviews, resume reviews, and other networking opportunities to establish a meaningful relationship of value to both partners.
The program allows mentors to partner with Fordham faculty and staff in preparing students for successful and fulfilling lives as global leaders, enabling them to live out the charge of St. Ignatius to "go forth and set the world on fire!" 

After applications are carefully reviewed and mentors and mentees are matched based off commonalities in their person-professional profiles, participants receive a notification informing them of their pairing and providing more information on their mentor or mentee. Throughout the year-long program, mentors and mentees meet and communicate regularly based off the agreed-upon terms of the Mentor-Mentee Covenant. Pairs are required to attend four Fordham-hosted Milestone events and check in regularly by completing scheduled Checkpoint surveys.

Mentees benefit from the partnership by working with an experienced and supportive professional. They learn to define their goals, express themselves professionally, and gain exposure to new ideas, perspectives, and environments. Mentee professionalism and commitment is central to the success of the Fordham Mentoring Program.

Who are the mentees?
The mentees are upperclassmen undergraduate students from the Gabelli School of Business, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, and Fordham College at Rose Hill. Applicants are among Fordham's most motivated students. To be admitted to the program, the student's application must be reviewed and approved by the Fordham Mentoring Team and he or she must complete a prerequisite training session in the Office of Career Services.

Who are the mentors?
Mentors may be alumni from any of Fordham's undergraduate, graduate, and/or professional schools. Mentors may also be friends of the University or parents of Fordham students. Each mentor thus has a unique understanding of the Fordham experience and a commitment to helping students achieve success.
Mentors must be at least three (3) years out from graduation but otherwise range in age, experience, and realm of expertise. Mentor professions include architects, lawyers, physicians, finance professionals, marketing executives, publishers—the list goes on! 

What if my mentor is not a perfect match?
As stated in the Match Notification Message, the golden rule of mentoring is that the experience is what you make of it. Students, your mentor may not have your "dream job" or be an identical match. Realize that as an experienced professional, your mentor has a breadth of advice – personal and professional – to share. The keys to success are not necessarily career-specific secrets but general skills, characteristics, and best practices.
So, be open-minded, curious, responsive, and remember the major thing you both have in common: your Fordham experience!

What are Milestone Events?
The offices of Alumni Relations and Career Services host four events each year to provide an opportunity for matched pairs to meet and for participants to engage the larger group. The focus and structure of these events varies. 
The first event, the Meet & Greet, welcomes participants, and provides an introduction and general overview of the program. The event allows mentors and mentees the opportunity to meet and discuss, and agree upon the terms and expectations of their mentoring relationship in the Mentor-Mentee Covenant Form.
The skills development workshop takes various forms, is held before the holiday break and typically focuses on the development of several important professional competencies. The event begins with a formal presentation on the topic by an industry expert and then groups have the opportunity to network and engage one another as part of a relevant workshop exercise. This typically means speed networking or resume reviews.
At the third event, held in the beginning of the spring semester, mentors and mentees are invited to network over a pre-game lunch before attending a Men’s Basketball home game. During the luncheon, a Fordham alumnus will present on any of several various topics. The concluding event, normally held in the spring before final exams, is the Mentor Appreciation Dinner. At this event, participants acknowledge the contributions of their partners, and in a particular way students and the university staff express their appreciation for the time and service of the program’s mentors. Participants dine at industry-focused tables, allowing for themed professional discussions.

What if I have to miss a milestone event?
Pairs are strongly encouraged to attend all four milestone events, however sometimes other commitments may present scheduling conflicts. As long as notice of the need to reschedule is provided in advance of the event and the pair makes plans to meet in lieu of the event, he or she may be excused from attending. Note that the full program schedule is posted on the program’s website in advance.

What is considered an appropriate mentoring relationship?
As a mentor, it is critical to remember that you are a role model. Though a trusting friendship may (and should) be the foundation of a mentorship, remember your mentee is not your peer. Appropriate meeting places include your place of business (job shadowing), a public place, or one of Fordham's campuses, while inappropriate meeting places include bars, malls, residences, and dorm rooms. Consuming alcohol with or buying alcohol for your mentee is strictly prohibited.

May a mentor-mentee pair remain matched after the end of the program, or renew their through next academic year?
When the student graduates, it is up to the mentor and mentee whether they would like to retain a mentorship and to outline how the nature and terms of this relationship may be different. If a student and mentor are looking to extend the relationship to a second year, they may do so after notifying the Fordham Mentoring Team.

Interested? Apply today!