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Friday, January 23, 2015

Part Time Opportunity: The NY Public Library

The Out of School Time division within the NY Public Library is hiring!

They are looking for an enthusiastic individual to provide individual mentorship and academic assistance to middle school children in their “Innovation Labs” program for grades 6 - 8.  The middle school Innovation Labs programs is semester-long after-school enrichment programs at the West Farms Library in the Bronx.  Innovation Labs seeks to aid students in their development of 21st century skills, adolescent identity, and voice by providing a variety of digital and non-digital project-based learning opportunities in a uniquely informal environment, while also offering personal mentorship and homework help from dedicated staff.

The qualified mentor will have the opportunity to assist programming staff in developing best practices for middle school programming and to learn about student-centered arts and literacy education in the context of a large urban library system.

Primary Roles & Responsibilities:
The Innovation Labs Mentor will work under the supervision of the Education Coordinator and will:
- Develop positive relationships with students that foster their academic and personal growth.
- Support individual student academic and organizational needs as assigned
- Assist students in “Homework Help” area as assigned
- Assist students and answer questions as they work through program projects, assignments, and activities as assigned
Other duties as assigned

Time Commitment:
- Must commit to a full shift, 2:45pm - 5:45pm, minimum 2 days per week
- Option of Monday/Wednesdays, Tuesday/Thursdays, or all 4 days Monday-Thursday
- 7-15 hours/week

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 42513.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Internship Spotlight: Kedwien Valdez

By Kedwien Valdez, FCRH '15

Working at Allied Integrated Marketing has been one of the greatest experiences in my undergraduate career. Never did I think, that I would have the opportunity to work at a job that was so enjoyable. Let me start off by tell you a bit of background behind Allied. It is an integrated marketing firm that does work for big movie studio companies. They have clients like Lionsgate, Paramount, Focus Features, Fox, Warner Brothers, and even Disney. They participate in many aspects of marketing these studio’s movies. I worked directly in the promotions/publicity department of Allied; my title was Movie Studio Promotions intern. What I loved about being an intern at Allied is that I was given real responsibilities, I grabbed coffee for no one but myself. I was given real responsibilities and expected to do the same work as any other employee of the company. 

At Allied, we usually would receive a movie about one to two months before it is released in theaters. From there we have to work on creating and actualizing promotional events for the movie, as well as, work behind the scenes at these movie industry events. I had the responsibility of reaching out to different groups, places and events, all across New York City and try to tie them in to our movies. This would increase exposure and create more word of mouth buzz for each individual movie. For example, I recently did work for the Huger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1. Lionsgate was looking to target to college students and incorporate events Hunger Games into events across campus. So I organized a Hunger Games week at school and called it District Fordham. (Which was a pretty creative idea if I do say so myself.) I reached out to about four clubs on campus and together we brainstormed different ideas for events. We created a Hunger Games Trivia Night, a Movie Screening, a Social Media Raffle, and a walk out to the theater for the premiering night. While working with them, I also got one of our bigger clubs on campus, CSA, to incorporate the Hunger Games into their big event, Thanks-Give-Away. I got them to raffle off a prize pack filled with Hunger Games promotional items.

Besides working on the events, and pitching different ideas to different people, I also had the opportunity to do a lot of work with the movies. One of my main responsibilities was to work movie screening, which are advanced watching of the movie for selected crowds before it comes out in theaters. So I pretty much got to see a bunch of movies before they came out in theater for free. At these screenings, I had to help with crowd control and in some instances right reports at the movie analyzing the crowd’s reactions to particular scenes and their overall opinion of the movie. My favorite part of this internship and probably the most glamorous (brace yourselves for some humble bragging coming); I got the chance to work a ton of movie premieres. At these movie premieres I had many responsibilities, one of which was walking stars down the red carpet, scouting out any unexpected celebrities that decided to attend last minute and many times work the after party. Which actually isn’t as crazy as we imagine it to be it; although still really awesome to be in there.

Over all I learned a lot at Allied Integrated marketing: I learned to get out of my comfort zone, how to write proper pitch emails: what things worked and what didn’t, and how to present myself in many events like premieres and screenings. This internship allowed me to express my creative ideas much more openly; no idea was ever a bad one or too crazy. My opinions were always heard, and if weren’t agreed with, people took the time to explain why. It allowed me to strengthen my teamwork abilities and it also made me realize my interest in working within the entertainment industry. Overall this was a truly great experience.   

Internship Spotlight: Hans Lueders

By Hans Lueders, FCRH ‘16
Working at Efran Films was undoubtedly my favorite work experience and thus far I think it has been the best. At first in the last days of August and early September I was worried that the only organization to respond to my application for an internship would be from a film company; my major is Political Science with a Communications minor so I began to question whether or not I had a chance in a super competitive market. In fear that I wouldn’t have any sort of job for the fall, I accepted the position of Editing Intern at Efran with the reasoning that work experience of any kind was better than not, and while I was not a master of video editing, I was competent and curious enough to learn to hone an increasingly important skill in our digital minded workforce.

Although later on I received positive word back from a local Assemblyman’s office and another film company, I am very happy I decided to stay at Efran. Named after the creator and boss Shawn Efran, Efran Films is a small video production company that gets hired out by a range of organizations, frequently by the New York Times, to make promotional videos and documentaries. Even though I was only doing organizational things and limited video editing, I was in an environment that straddled both of my majors and I had a very close knit group of co-workers to show me the ropes. With no one over the age of 35 working, many of my co-workers shared my interests and creative eye, so they were always on hand to either encourage me or challenge me to approach situations in my own way.

The best part about working there was seeing that the work I did affected other people; I wasn’t just relegated to “busy work” like getting coffee, rather I contributed in my own ways to projects the whole team was working on, projects that made their way to the public eye. For example, on one instance I was tasked with locating and getting in touch with amateur Utah truck racers through their YouTube videos so that Efran could produce a video for TLC. The dialogue channels I opened allowed my co-workers to negotiate rights quickly and start production on a video that will air early next year. I think feeling like you’re part of a well oiled machine is truly spectacular, and anyone who wishes to work at Efran Films should know that you will feel valued and if you put in good work, you will be rewarded.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Available Internship Opportunities

1. SCO is looking for a Human Resources Intern.

SCO Family of Services seeks an intern to assist our Human Resources Department. The ideal intern will have a passion for acquiring a working knowledge of HR policies and procedures.

Position Responsibilities:
- Intern will utilize our HR methods and procedures to help organize and aid our HR department
- Intern will assist in induction process for new hires
- Intern will assist in establishing and maintaining administrative systems, including but not limited to filing, typing , faxing, data entry, photocopying documents, and organizing and maintaining personnel files
- Intern will assist in processes that allow effective management of all correspondence, reporting requirements and documentation, including but not limited to personal details of all new staff members and updating and accurately maintaining data of all existing employees

Method of Supervision:
Intern will receive direct supervision from the Associate Director of Human Resources, who will provide the intern with day to day training and management in HR functions

Desired Organizational Outcomes:
Collaborate with student intern to carryout and execute HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance and efficiency within the SCO organization

Desired Student Outcomes:
Understand and exemplify HR policies and procedures that represent best practices

- Ideally intern will be a HR Major or related field with knowledge and or interest of Human Resource practices and procedures or legal practices
- Individual will be organized, meticulous and timely
- Ability to maintain a filing system
- Knowledge of computer and software programs including Word & Excel
- Excellent organizational and time management skills
- Must ensure confidentiality

For more information or to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 41745.

2. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is hiring summer interns.

“We offer an array of challenges that demand the skills of a financial professional, the intellectual curiosity of an academic, and the passion for public service. If you are ready to take on these challenges in your career, then the New York Fed is the ideal place for you. We have launched our Summer Internship Applications on our careers website and wanted to provide you with the application details.  We would also like to ask for your assistance in passing this information along to your fellow classmates, student organization group members and other interested peers and colleagues.”

Summer Intern Recruiting Timeline:
- Applications will be reviewed at the end of January/February
- Candidates who are selected to interview will be notified in February
- Interviews will be conducted from mid- February through March

Summer Analyst and Associate Program Application Deadline:
Thursday, January 15th, 2015 (11:59 PM EST)
Apply on via the careers website.

3. The NY Mets are looking to fill a 2015 Internship in Guest Experience.
The internship program is designed for applicants who are interested in pursuing a career in professional sports, specifically in Guest Services. The intern will frequently assist with and eventually lead tours of the ballpark for VIP guests, along with escorting guests to various locations for pre- and in-game hospitality experiences.

- Interns will assist with all responsibilities of the Guest Experience Department. This includes but is not limited to: administrative support to the department’s Customer Relationship Management and Event Staff Recognition programs, project-based support for all department staff members and real-time support to the Guest Experience event staff.  

Internship Eligibility: 
- Must be graduating this December/January or a recent graduate of a College/University  
- Must provide own transportation to and from work

Program Length/Schedule:
- The approximate dates of this internship are from March 3rd through end of the season (including potential post-season games)
- Internship is paid
- Interns must be fully available for the duration of the internship
- Work location will be at Citi Field, Flushing, NY 11368
- Interns will work approximately 35-40 hours per week when the team is on the road and approximately 40-60 hours per week when team is home
- Please note, game day responsibilities include nights and weekends

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:
1. Are you available to work from March through October?
2. Do you have adequate transportation to and from Citi Field?
3. Are you available to work 35 hours per week and nights/weekends, as needed?
4. Please describe a time when you helped resolve a difficult customer issue. What was the issue, and how did you handle the situation?
5. Explain the type of work you currently do, and the types of interaction you have with others.

For more information and to apply today, head to the Mets Career Site.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Internship Opportunities Available

Check out these internship opportunities available for the coming semesters! 

1. Do you secretly think you might be the "voice of a generation?" The next David Sedaris? The future Joan Didion? We kind of think so too, which is why this is the perfect internship for you.

We're Enchantress Magazine, an online community launching next year, and we’re dedicated to sharing real stories from real people. We're looking for strong writers with strong voices to craft short, weekly first-person essays.

Our unique internship program is totally remote, meaning you may work from anywhere, and entirely writing-based, as in the only coffee you'll be fetching is for yourself. Hours, likewise, are flexible according to your schedule: You will select your own recurring deadline and you will be expected to turn in one (1) first-person piece per week about a mutually agreed-upon topic or event from your life. Everything you write will appear as a 'Contributor' byline and may be used for your portfolio or personal website after it’s published on our site.  

In addition to learning the ins and outs of the editorial process, from brainstorming and pitching to writing and promoting, you will receive the guidance and support of our editorial team.

This opportunity is unpaid and will take place during the Winter/Spring 2015 semester.

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 40529.

2. The Health Research Training Program (HRTP) within the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene offers internship opportunities to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

For over 50 years, students have had the opportunity to experience some of the “real life” challenges of public health and apply classroom learning to practical problems.

Placed within various divisions of the agency, interns are able to work on current public health problems under the close supervision and mentoring by experienced public health professionals.

HRTP has three internship sessions each year. Applications are due:
November 15th for consideration for the spring session, August 15th for consideration for the fall, and February 15th for consideration for the summer session. For more info:

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 40683.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Available Full Time Opportunities

Check out a few full-time opportunities we've highlighted from CareerLink below:

1. Wolfe Research is looking for a junior associate to join the firm’s highly-rated Transportation research team. 

This is an opportunity to join a large, highly-motivated, and dynamic equity research team covering nearly 40 stocks.
The Associate will report to the Senior Analyst and will be responsible for modeling, note writing, and communicating with clients. The Associate will help craft investment theses, write research, attend industry trade shows and company analyst days, and update models.

Strong writing, modeling, accounting, and Excel skills are required. We are looking for someone with 1-2 years of prior experience in equity research or investment banking. Starting compensation will be determined by the candidate’s level of experience and overall qualifications and upside will be based on performance.

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink Job ID #: 40599.

2. CLS | Indoet is looking for an Assistant Media Planner.  The position is an internship that could lead to a full-time position for the right person.

This is a great opportunity - the right candidate will receive lots of exposure to all areas of digital/interactive media planning and management including: Display, Social, Mobile and Email.

We would prefer someone full-time, but are open to part-time schedules to work around class, etc.

- Supports media planners in all steps of planning, execution, reporting and optimization.
- Assists with researching new media placements and publisher outreach.
- Develops and maintains relationships with media vendors.
- Produces media buys, traffics creative and monitors campaign performance daily.
- Supports accounting with associated billing.
- Actively works with a media planner to create ideas and build media strategy.
- Assists in preparation of reports and presentations.

- Learn trafficking and reporting for Doubleclick for Advertisers (DFA) and Google Analytics (GA).
- Develop media planning, negotiation and buying skill sets.
- Learn Google Ad-Words and Facebook Power editor.
- Will work with several ASP and SAS providers.

- Must be proficient in Excel
- Organized
- Strong attention to detail
- Eager to get involved

- Hourly wage
- Good culture

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 40356.

3. SAGA FELLOWS is hiring!
The SAGA Fellows program is a full time, in-school professional math tutoring opportunity. This is the start-up year and we are looking for the first group of pioneers in New York City.  This opportunity is a great fit for individuals who are entrepreneurial and have a strong commitment to urban education.  A SAGA is a story of heroic achievement, and these stories are crafted every day both for the students and the Fellows.

Unlike traditional, often disconnected tutoring that happens outside of school hours, SAGA tutoring occurs as a stand-alone class period and is built into the school day (on many occasions as an elective course for credit). Each tutoring Fellow is assigned a personal caseload of 13 students and will work with the same students every day. Fellows work with students in small-groups (1:2 is our standard; one period is 1:3), provide them with intense academic support, and communicate with their parents weekly.  A SAGA site director is in the classroom with the Fellows, observing and giving feedback to each tutor each day.  The team will be together all day, supervised and given intensive coaching and feedback by SAGA staff in the classroom.

We are working on a proposed demonstration project within the NYC public school system serving 9th grade students in Brooklyn.  We are actively seeking 10 pioneers to tutor 9th grade math. Tutoring will occur every school day, 6 out of 8 periods of the day, from February 3, 2015 to the last day of school in June 2015. Fellows will start on January 20th for training, and serve until the last day of school (5+ months).

- Fellows guarantee student academic success  by individualizing instruction and building meaningful relationships with their students.
- Fellows will tutor students in 9th grade math (algebra 1).
- Each Fellow will work with an average of two students at a time for each period of the school day, and will have a personal caseload of up to 13 students they will work with every day.
- Fellows contact families each week about student progress. This communication forges trust, creates relationships and keeps parents aware of the successes and needs of their children.
- Every site has a coordinator who is responsible for observing, training and assisting Fellows through the entire year. Fellows will be observed daily and must be hungry for feedback.

Fellows are employees of SAGA Innovations and will receive a $9,000 stipend for the 5+ month pilot and access to health benefits, and the opportunity for advancement after the pilot concludes in June.

- Bachelors degree required (ALL majors accepted; an education major or minor is NOT required)
- Strong basic high school math skills (you will take a math test as one step in landing this position)
- Passion for education reform and hunger for feedback.
- Prior paid or volunteer experience with students is helpful.
- Prior coaching, tutoring or teaching experience is helpful

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 40261.

Available Internship Opportunities

There are still available internships available for the Spring and Summer terms. Check out a couple opportunities spotlighted below:

1. Hegemon is looking for Marketing & Branding interns for the spring and summer semesters!

Position Summary:
Interns will work directly with the president to assist and learn about all aspects of the brand licensing industry including business development, retail market research, sales strategies, licensing transactions and client management. This is a ground floor opportunity with a growing company in the multi-billion dollar consumer products industry.

-Perform research on current trends.
-Attend team meetings to ensure knowledge, good communication and adherence to timetables
-Administrative responsibilities as needed

-Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office
-Social media and web savvy
-Attention to details and accuracy
-Excellent written and verbal communication skills
-Organized and able to multi-task
-Team player with a clear focus on delivering results
-Self-motivated; able to work independently
-Must be located in New York
-Previous internships in marketing and/or related work experience preferred.

For more information or to apply today, head to CareerLink Job ID # 34554.

2. Movements is looking to fill a Program Associate Internship for this Spring semester!

As an integral member of our team you will gain essential skills. Working with us you will have the opportunity to:

- Participate in the strategy and analysis discussions regarding our programs, including goals, methods, and impacts.
- Suggest strategies and tactics for achieving specific objectives.
- Conduct crucial research for our ongoing campaigns and programs.
- Work on, create, and maintain social media campaigns.
- Edit and create materials for our website.
- Lobby Washington to effect change relating to human rights abuses.
- Engage students on campuses to take part in our mission.
- Advocate on behalf of the victims of human rights violations.
- Keep on top of and report on the latest news and blogs regarding digital activism.
- Conduct outreach to partners and members, so as to build relationships and drive participation and usage of Movements.
- Learn the ins and outs of our CRM (Customer Relation Management Software).

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink Job ID # 40498.