Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Student Spotlight: Billy Cribley

By Billy Cribley, FCRH '17

As a sophomore at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus, and I think I can say with certainty I’m not the only one who’s terrified, on some level, about life after college. For the most part, at least right now, college is great! We’re given this sense of control over our own schedule, we get to choose what classes we want to take, and we interact with people of our own choosing…. not people we’ve been forced to be friends with since we were in diapers. But: college is going to end eventually too.

Then what?

The goal is to do what we went to school for, what we’re passionate about, right? The problem with such a fairy tale idea is the fact that the economy sucks. And there’s a surplus—for a good portion of careers at least—of people to positions. Of course there are ways to paint ourselves as an ideal candidate, but if you’re at all like me it’s much easier to just freak out and turn to Netflix as a coping mechanism.

But no good can come from putting ourselves down on the grounds that with such a difficult economy to work with there’s no chance at finding a career to be happy with. I implore you to stay positive. As a favorite character of mine once said, “if you’re honest with yourself about what you want in life, life has a way of getting it to you somehow.”

Anyway, I digress. Now I’m going to share the words of wisdom that Alexander Traum, GSAS ’14, recently imparted unto me.

Alex graduated with his Master’s degree from Fordham last summer, and has since found himself job hunting. And he’s obviously a little stressed out. But here’s the crazy thing; he’s handling it incredibly well. When we first met, one of the first things that he took care to mention was how much he loved being back on Fordham’s campus, and that was a theme he made sure to reiterate to me.

“School, it’s a great opportunity, don’t squash it. You’re privileged. I wake up every day grateful that I got to go here,” were the words Alex said to me right after we introduced ourselves.

He’s absolutely right too. It’s important to remember that as Fordham students we are blessed with one of the best and most effective forms of teaching that the United States has to offer. But the education aspect is only a small part of it, as he would later go on to explain:

“Fordham takes care of their own, the alumni are always looking to help out students and they expect the students to do the same after the graduate. I’ve even heard it called the Fordham Mafia in a manner of speaking.”

Such an ideal thus brings us to the crux of what we want to get out to the Fordham Community. With such a large alumni base, and a well-respected faculty to boot, Alex’s best advice for undergrads and even graduates can be summed up in one word. Network!

“It is a cliché but there is a reason why so many people say it’s not so much what you know anymore as it is who you know. And not only does networking help professionally, but you make friendships too!”

Alex went on and listed all of the different alumni he has met by networking, with some of them even in big name businesses like JP Morgan—which as it turns out, isn’t just a bank! In this respect, I encourage all of you to really look into as many companies as you can and not limit yourself based on preconceived notions of what may or may not be your forte. Also, if you’re feeling stressed about the idea of needing to meet more people, just stop and take a breather.

“It’s normal to be nervous, and I’d think there was something wrong with you if you weren’t. Just do your best to present yourself in the best way you consider possible.”

On top of Alex’s laissez-faire-esque attitude, he explains he can only be so relaxed because of the opportunities he seized while at Fordham. Having done his undergrad at University of Albany, it’s clear that there is very little love lost between Alex and his first alma mater.

“Albany didn’t really have a Career Services, and Fordham’s extensive programs is one of the best aspects of the school,” he explained to me.

Now while it might seem like a certain degree of shameless plugging in terms of how the school is represented, Alex reminded me that representation and appearance is largely what makes or breaks a good applicant. And for all of the resources that Fordham has to offer—and Fordham has a ton—you are essentially the writer of your own destiny. All he can do is offer up some pointers.

“A few things I learned from attending the Diversity Conference while I was in Fordham was the importance of etiquette,” Alex stressed to me. “LinkedIn is essentially a requirement in today’s society, so make one and make sure your resume is clear and concise and your picture is professional. And I’ll never forget what Patricia David, the keynote speaker from JP Morgan Chase at last year’s conference said. ‘People have a tendency to think that diversity is only race, the color of your skin; it’s not though, as it could be hidden instead as would be the case with someone who has a learning disability or a veteran with PTSD. And diversity is more than a person’s makeup; it encompasses their experiences as well as their unique views. A non-diverse workplace would suffer in productivity.’”

Essentially, being different, no matter what that may entail, does not in any way detract from what you or anyone else can bring to the table. In fact, it means that you have something special and unique to give that someone else may not. If you embrace that and encourage others to do the same, then more people are bound to find success.

But above all else, one can be as individually prepared as possible for an interview or for a foray into the career oriented world, and still the one thing you have to keep in mind is the fact that there are people out there who are not interested in being your friend or helping out. But as Alex points out, it’s handling oneself in the most professional way possible in every situation that will lead to success.

“Remember, email stands for eternal, because nothing really gets deleted from the Internet,” my friend warned me.

Essentially, it’s okay to be stressed about your future. The stress indicates that your future is something that you hold important to, which at the very least demonstrates good character. But as long as you are willing to network and put yourself out there to meet and greet as many people as you can and as kindly as you can, success is bound to find you. Going to the Diversity Conference is a great way to start networking, and trust me, it’s also a great way to make friends!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Upcoming Internal Audit Career Fair: Iona

The Westchester/Fairfield Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors (“WFIIA”) is pleased to announce its 2015 internal audit college internship program (“Program”). The goal of the Program is to advance awareness of the internal audit profession with eligible and interested students. Undergraduate and graduate accounting, auditing and information technology students who are interested in pursuing internal audit careers are eligible to participate.

What: Internal Audit Internship Fair
Sponsored by Westchester/Fairfield Institute of Internal Auditors
When: February 24, 2015
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Where: Iona College
715 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801
All Purpose Room, New Hynes Gymnasium

Interested students and their academic/career counseling/accounting and auditing society advisors from area colleges are welcome to attend an Internship Fair being held on February 24, 2015.  Representatives from participating WFIIA companies internal audit departments will be onsite to meet with the students and provide additional insights about internal audit internship opportunities at their respective organizations.  Accounting department representatives from those organizations are also invited to participate in the Internship Fair.

Fordham students are welcome, and the fair is free for all attending students!

Student Spotlight: The Importance of Diversity

By Dayne Carter, FCRH '15

Last year, I had the opportunity to participate in Fordham University’s Diversity Conference that took place in McGinley Ballroom.  The event took place early Saturday afternoon and consisted of workshops presented by successful Fordham alumni, musical performances, and the guest speaker happened to be my father, Anthony P. Carter (FCRH '76) the Chief Diversity Officer and Johnson & Johnson.  It was a great experience being able to network and establish a relationship with many of the guests.  The guests in attendance were of many different ethnicities and all had very differing work backgrounds.  One alumnus worked as a news reporter for NBC, while another was a practicing physician.  Overall, the event was a success in that it was well organized and very informative to the students.  My only criticism was the attendance amongst the student body could have been more.

Fordham’s campus is located right outside New York City, one of the largest melting pots in the world.  There are millions of people living here from all over the map, and we all help contribute to the cultural beauty that is NYC.  However, with that said, we don’t always have to take trips to Manhattan to witness it.  We don’t have to look further than our student body here on campus to appreciate diversity.  One of the main reasons I chose to attend Fordham was because of the opportunity it provided for me in forming friendships with people that I would have otherwise never met.  There are people here from all different regions of the globe.  I have white friends, black friends, Asian, and Hispanic friends.  I have attended ASILI’s (the black student alliance) Black History month dinner one week and then the following gone to FUSE’s (Fordham University’s South-Asian Entity) Bollywood movie night.  I’ve have seen performances by Sláinte (Fordham’s Irish dance team) and have heard spoken word recitals in Spanish performed by members of Fordham’s Hispanic culture club, Academia Hispana.

Fordham is by no means the most diverse place in percentage, but it certainly is a place that consists of a diverse student body.  We often take for granted the fortune of being able to interact on a daily basis with people whom we considered to be different than us.  Diversity is so important, and we owe it to ourselves to celebrate and embrace it.

This year's event is entitled: "Diversity Leadership in a Global Society Conference," and will take place on March 4, 2015. For more information about event workshops and presentations, or to RSVP today, head to CareerLink > Events > Information Sessions.   

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Part Time Opportunity: Con-Ed

Con-Edison is hiring for Electric Construction Support: part time.

Position Description:  Each Coop will assist in the day-to-day operations of the Electric Construction Networks department to support their objectives of supplying/maintaining electric service to the Bronx. 

*Work Location is close to the Fordham University Rose Hill campus - 1601 Bronxdale Avenue Bronx  10462.

Work experiences will help the coop connect textbook knowledge with real-world settings and gain an understanding of the way we work at Con Edison.

Job Responsibilities:
Work a minimum of 20 hours per week.
Review Specifications and other documents to ensure compliance
Review process flows and make recommendations for improvement
Review produce, fix and upgrade spreadsheets to support oversight of construction activities
Support efficient utilization of crew resources

Required Skills:
Good communication skills/organization
Decision-Making Ability
Customer focus

Flexibility, Initiative, Responsibility, Integrity and Energy

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 43247.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Information Session: Scripps Networks Interactive

Scripps Networks Interactive, which is home to Food Network, Cooking Channel, HGTV, DIY Network, Travel Channel and Great American Country, is hosting an Information Session on Thursday, February 12th!

Several members from the Scripps Networks Interactive team will host an information session and networking event with the goal of hiring several stellar summer interns for various positions.

The structure of the event will be a 15-min presentation of the company, a 15-min Q&A session between the students and the Scripps team, and an hour (or so) networking reception where students will present their resumes to the Scripps team and discuss why they would be the best candidate for the internship position(s). Interested students will be required to bring (7) copies of their resume to the event.

RSVP for the info session via CareerLink > Events > Info Sessions.

About Scripps Networks Interactive:
Scripps Networks Interactive is a global media company and the Leader in Lifestyle Media. Our power-house brands -- HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel and Great American Country -- stimulate personal creativity, spark ingenuity and capture the joy of living richer and fuller lives. Whether remodeling a home, creating a meal or traveling the world, consumers know that life is celebrated on our channels. Join a company where committed, passionate people create some of the best loved and most respected brands in the business; brands that 170 million consumers connect with each month through unique, vibrant and engaging programming. Cook with Us. Travel with Us. Make Your Home with Us.

Our managers are targeting the following areas of study:
Communications, Sales, Marketing, Business Management, Advertising, Research, Entertainment Media, Digital and New Media, Journalism, Public Relations

We’re looking to hire rising/current juniors, rising/current seniors, and grad students.

Specific job requisition #'s of interest in CareerLink for this event include:
4587, 4592, 4632, 4620, 4598

Find more information and apply for the internship position(s) here.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Internship Opportunity: Head & Hand PR

Head and Hand PR is looking for an intern!

We are a small PR firm that represents luxury brands within the interior design industry, both in the U.S. and in Europe. Our high-end clients range from top designers to brands that sell home décor products such as furniture, fabric, wallpaper, rugs, crystal, etc. Our main objective is to promote and garner publicity for each client, by generating and maximizing positive press coverage through all forms of media.

We are looking for an individual who is savvy with computers, smart, forward thinking and outspoken. As an intern, you must be motivated to work and learn, while adding to the overall performance of the company. Because we are a small firm, our interns get hands-on experience doing a little bit of everything, such as drafting press releases, pitching to editors of major magazines, planning events, promoting collection launches, organizing press tours, etc.

We require that you have PR or marketing experience and have studied within these areas. You must have your own laptop (Microsoft Suite and wireless required, Photoshop a plus, Mac computer a major plus) that you can bring with you to work. Blackberry or iPhone with email compatibility required.

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID# 40255.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Internship Opportunity: QWASI Technology

QWASI Technology is looking for interns to start immediately!

QWASI Technology is a fast paced and growing software-as-a-service company in NYC. We power global enterprise brands (ie. MACY’s, JPMorganChase, Krispy Kreme, Marriott and many more) to execute real time, customer communication, and view complete customer data in one interface.  Marketing and Business intelligence teams use the QWASI platform interface to create campaigns, activate customers, and determine global and local brand engagement trends.
We have an opening for a Digital Marketing Associate in our New York office. If you have any interest in start-ups, digital marketing or mobile communication technology, this is an incredibly unique opportunity to join an accomplished team on the ground floor and help blaze the trail for future growth.

You will learn more in two weeks here than you would elsewhere in two years about all facets of effective mobile and digital marketing. You will be given tremendous early responsibility, immediately start to build a network of relationships from leading agencies, and have the chance to help transform a our company into a leader in the market. To sum it up, we are looking for a potential fit for a full-time employee come graduation, but we will ask that you start out by helping support our operations during one of the busiest times of the year to see if this is for you. And have a lot of fun in the process.

- Manage multiple client relationships. Develop and maintain a strong rapport with clients – you will be the primary touch point
- Build marketing campaigns for clients using our technology platform with the primary goal of improving their customer engagement
- Work alongside our product expert and operations manager to create proposals & campaigns
- Generate ideas for new features and campaigns, tailored to the unique needs of each client
- Provide support for the overall successful functioning of our team here at QWASI

- Senior, graduating in 2015
- Passionate, entrepreneurial self-starter with a healthy dose of humility
- Strong technical skills or ability to quickly learn technical concepts
- Proactive, energetic attitude and desire to work in a results-oriented and deadline-driven environment. Desire and ability to manage multiple relationships at a time. - - Team player.
- Motivated, tenacious, and resourceful: work independently, don’t take "no" for an answer.
- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
- Understand the value and challenges of working in a start-up like environment

For more information and to apply today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 43023.