Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Diversity Leadership in a Global Society: Case Competition & Networking Banquet

By Stefany Fattor
Director, Office of Career Services

Last night at 10pm, I was sitting on my couch, stressing out of my mind, wondering if Fordham students were going to come through for the Diversity Leadership in a Global Society Case Competition. The submission deadline was in two short hours, and I had exactly zero submissions.

The Diversity Leadership in a Global Society Case Competition offers $5000 in prizes for the winning teams. This case competition, the first of its kind by Career Services, is a result of the generous support of Johnson & Johnson led by our alumni champion Anthony Carter '76.

I can't describe how thrilled I was on March 13 when the application deadline passed and we had 17 teams apply to participate in the competition. But, as time ticked away last night I began to get very nervous.

As the 11:59pm deadline loomed I began to say, "What if?"
“What if they forget about the deadline?”
“What if they don't have time?”
“What if a team member backed out?”
“What if they just don't care?”

Despite there being $5000 in cash prizes, I never underestimate how busy Fordham students are. I don't forget they participate in thousands of internships and jobs, hundreds of student organizations, a million hours of community service, hundreds of research opportunities and of course rigorous academics. This doesn't leave much time for other projects.

I began to squirm and vent my worries to my husband. As I shared my "What ifs?" and brainstorming my plan B in case they came true, my husband’s response was very sobering.

"Stef. Don't worry about it. Fordham students never let you down. They'll come through. Trust them and go to bed."

I knew he was right. I came to Fordham in 2010 and I've said this a thousand times - and it has been true every time.

Fordham students came through!

Like they always do.
Eight teams total (each made up of 3-6 students) submitted work for the First Diversity Leadership in a Global Society Case Competition.

Competing Teams:
Dream Team
Bronx Enterprises
The Gabelli Go-Getters
Giant Consulting
Strategic Innovation

I've spent today reviewing their materials and compiling their work for the judges and I have never been more proud. Their work is truly innovative and inspiring.
Our final Diversity Leadership in a Global Society event is the Networking Banquet on April 7th.

The 3 finalist teams will be announced on Facebook on April 1st and they will present at the banquet on April 7th to a panel of judges. At the close of the event we will announce the winners.

I hope you will join me to celebrate and recognize these students as well as network with employers.

Networking Banquet: Diversity Leadership in a Global Society
Tuesday, April 7, 6-9pm
McGinley Ballroom, Rose Hill Campus

RSVP today to reserve your spot at the banquet – and choose what employer you’d like to sit with for the networking dinner portion of the evening!
Once you’ve RSVP’d, please also submit your resume in pdf format to Cassie Sklarz ( to be included in the employer resume book.  The subject line should read: Banquet Resume. Deadline for submission is 3/31.  Submit early to make sure it is approved and is not in need of revisions.

Internship Opportunities: Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation

Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation is hiring for Summer Internship Opportunities!
Hailed as “cultural ambassador to the world” by the U.S. Congress, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is renowned for its stellar performances, high-caliber dance training, and innovative educational initiatives which reach nearly 500,000 people around the globe each year.  Robert Battle recently took the helm as Artistic Director, ushering in an exciting new era in Ailey’s history.
Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, one of the world’s premier dance institutions, is now accepting resumes for our 2015 Summer Internship Program.
From time to time, the Foundation is able to extend rewarding internship opportunities to outstanding candidates. Please know that we are not able to offer a stipend, housing, or any other type of paid compensation; we do work with schools so that interns can receive academic credit and PERKS FOR ALL INTERNS INCLUDE:  the ability to take classes at the Ailey Extension at no charge.
 In the past, we have had high school, college and graduate student interns and we have been able to offer experiences in Marketing, Development, Ailey Arts In Education & Community Programs, Finance, Information Technology, Production, and The Ailey Extension.
Please review our website to learn more about the Ailey organization, descriptions of the intern opportunities and instructions on how to apply.
For more information, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 45047

Monday, March 16, 2015

Employer Spotlight: Winged Keel Group

Ace An Interview in 5 Simple Steps
By Nicole Winston, Director of Talent Acquisition, Winged Keel Group

What does 500 mean to you? For me, it’s the number of candidates I’ve interviewed during my 15-year tenure at Winged Keel Group. Lobbying for positions from Interns and Associates to Managing Directors and Chief Operating Officers, many have aced the interview — and many have failed completely.

The difference is in the details. As the Director of Talent Acquisition & Development, I’ve studied people and their behavior intensely in identifying high-caliber talent as the company’s best assets. This is your time to shine and to prove yourself as a stand out candidate who we want to fight to get an offer to before our competitors. It’s also an opportunity for you to strengthen your communication and presentation skills, and showcase your ability to thoughtfully articulate who you are and why we’d want to hire you. Now is when you must sell yourself as a valuable contributor to a successful, growing organization. I recommend going on as many interviews as possible to keep yourself fresh and practiced.

Think about your competitors, too: candidates from other schools, Linkedin, Glassdoor, social media recruiting, referrals networks and beyond. They’ve all got their eyes on the prize, too.  How will you choose to stand out?

Follow these 5 easy steps to stand out and win the job:

1. Look Sharp.
It’s true about lasting first impressions: dress appropriately and professionally, and you’ve earned my attention both during the interview and when I consider candidates later in the process. Successful people dress for success: a suit and tie for men; a nice top and skirt or slacks and blazer for women. Look in the mirror one last time: messy hair and an unshaven, sloppy look fails in a professional environment.

2. Be Prepared.
Review the company website, company reviews on Glassdoor, bios of the firm’s leadership team, and beyond: make sure you are aware of the company’s competitors, culture, and current industry updates.
Coming prepared to an interview with as much knowledge about the firm, industry and job opening shows the Hiring Manager that you are dedicated, resourceful, professional, and taking your job search seriously. I’ve interviewed candidates who didn’t know anything about Winged Keel Group: Wow! Why would we want to hire anyone who doesn’t know who we are or what we do? We look for candidates who are well prepared and ready to take on the exciting challenges and growth opportunities offered at our firm. Want to set yourself apart from the pack? Come prepared, do the research. You will stand out!

3. Know Your Strengths and Goals.
Where does your excellence lie? What differentiates you from any other candidate? You need to know the answers to these questions: what sets you apart, what you are good at, the tasks you enjoy performing, and what would make your contribution leveraging to those you work with.
What are your 2-year goals and your 5-year goals? Be clear in the vision you see for yourself. If you sincerely don’t know it yet, invest time in the process. The clearer you are with your own goals, the more articulate you will come across in an interview.

4. Be Curious.
Intellectual curiosity is appealing to an interviewer. Ask questions: “What has made someone successful in this role?” “How does the company expect to grow and outlast the competition?” “What is the most challenging aspect of the position?” You might also want to know what a typical day is like, how performance is evaluated or who your fellow employees are. Make a list of your questions ahead of time. Curiosity shows that you are inquisitive, engaged, interested in learning more about the position. You can ask about growth opportunities but stay focused on the current opportunity. If the interviewer thinks you’re looking to just get a foot in the door, they may not consider you a viable candidate.

5. Say Thank You.
Emailing a simple note of gratitude after the interview is professional, impressive and highly appreciated by Hiring Managers like me. We see that you have strong follow-through, integrity, humility and sincere interest in the role. It’s considerate and gracious and, if well written, leaves a positive lasting impression.

Do you feel ready to ace your next interview? Practice with a friend and record or videotape your responses so you can replay the interview and see how well you did.

Want to interview at Winged Keel Group? We love meeting talented individuals! Check out our career page and apply today!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Internship Opportunities: Global Nomads Group

Global Nomads Group is looking to hire for numerous internship availabilities!

Global Nomads Group (GNG) is an international NGO whose mission is to foster dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth. GNG engages and empowers young people worldwide using media, including: interactive videoconferencing, webcasting, social networking, gaming, and participatory filmmaking. GNG operates at the intersection of international and peace education, striving to serve as a vehicle for awareness, bridging the boundaries of cultural misconceptions and instilling in our audience a heightened appreciation and comprehension of the world in which they live.

Positions Available:
Development Innovations InternshipCareerLink Job ID# 44597
Engagement Internship, CareerLink Job ID# 44599
Multimedia & Production Internship, CareerLink Job ID# 44595
Operations Internship, CareerLink Job ID# 44601
Program Development Internship, CareerLink Job ID# 44587
STEM Program Development Internship, CareerLink Job ID# 44591

These positions are open to all majors, all years & all work authorizations. The summer application deadline is: April 8th.

To apply, head to CareerLink, or submit your resume, cover letter, and writing sample to Elizabeth Sewell at

Monday, March 9, 2015

Full Time Opportunity: East Harlem Teaching Residency

The East Harlem Tutorial Program is looking to hire for some open positions in their Teaching Residency!

About East Harlem Tutorial Program
East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP) operates K-12 college preparatory after-school programs and public charter schools. Founded in 1958, EHTP prepares its students with the academic skills, strength of character, and emotional well being to excel in high school and college, to lead in their communities, and to realize their best possible selves. For more information about our mission, model, and our programs please visit our website at

Residency Program Overview
The East Harlem Teaching Residency, in partnership with the Hunter College School of Education, is a highly selective teacher-training program that develops, supports, and certifies aspiring educators to become elementary teachers in New York. The Residency is designed specifically for recent college graduates and career changers who are looking for an innovative pathway into the teaching profession.

Why Join the East Harlem Teaching Residency?
-Earn a subsidized Master's degree in Childhood Education in 15 months
-Get frequent coaching and feedback while leading an after school classroom
-Be well positioned to become a lead teacher at East Harlem Scholars Academies and other New York public schools

Ultimately, the program aims to improve educational outcomes for East Harlem students and increase the number of highly effective teachers serving East Harlem and similar communities in greater New York.

The role of a Teaching Resident includes, but is not limited to:
-Graduate Coursework
-Engage in coursework from our university partner, both on- and off-site
-Complete all requirements for initial teaching certification

Field Placement:
-Lead classroom instruction, with the support of an Assistant Teacher, in EHTP’s after-school Elementary Program (grades K-5)     
-Foster supportive classroom communities that maintain EHTP’s high academic and social expectations for students
-Maintain records of student attendance, participation, and achievement, and communicate with feeder schools when appropriate
-Administer, collect, and analyze qualitative and quantitative data gathered from a variety of sources on each student
-Support small-group instruction and intervention in a Mentor Teacher’s classroom (grades K-4)

Observation, Mentorship, and Support Opportunities:
-Receive weekly coaching tailored to your needs as a classroom teacher in our after-school program
-Receive cohort-based professional development sessions
-Conduct structured observations of highly effective teaching in Scholars Academy and Scholars Academy II
-Collaborate and receive feedback from Mentor Teacher
-Engage in ongoing reflection exercises linking theory learned in graduate coursework to actions practiced with Mentor Teacher and in the after-school program

Community Engagement
-Build relationships with families of EHTP students through frequent communication about students’ progress and ways that families can support their children’s learning
-Partner with and manage an Assistant Teacher who will provide ongoing support in their classroom
-Build positive relationships with students and family members
-Plan at least one Family Engagement Event for families

Successful Residents will exhibit:
-Belief in East Harlem Tutorial Program’s mission, education model, and core values
-A belief that all students can and will succeed given the proper supports
-Commitment to teaching in under-served communities
-The ability to work well both collaboratively and independently, reflect critically on one’s own work, and respond constructively to feedback
-Perseverance in challenging situations
-A high level of personal organization and professionalism
-Excellent interpersonal communication skills (written and oral)

Eligibility Requirements:
-A Bachelor’s degree conferred on or before June 2015
-Minimum GPA: 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
-US Citizen or National/Permanent Resident Status
-Experience working with children a plus, but not required
-Spanish proficiency a plus, but not required

Compensation and Benefits:
-Full-time salary
-Subsidized Master’s Degree in Childhood Education (Special Education certificate, optional)
-2+ weeks paid vacation (aligned with school closings calendar)
-Monthly MTA transit pass
-Laptop & mobile phone
-Academic and financial guidance & job placement support

For more information & to apply today: CareerLink (OCR position) Job ID # 44359.

Internship Spotlight: Jaime Bravo

Jaime G. Bravo, FCRH ‘15

I am a senior at Fordham College majoring in Economics and I am currently at J.P. Morgan interning within corporate investment banking.  I work with the client billing team for North America and have been in my role for a year and a half now.  My team deals with a vast number of products such as M&A, Fixed Income, High Grade, Structured Finance and we deal with a couple more but these are our main ones.  Due to the diverse number of products we deal with I have been fortunate enough to learn how they all work.

A usual day at the office begins with a ton of email reading, most of which require immediate response or some sort of prompt follow up.  My email inbox can pile up since I only work 20 hours a week but it is also due to the fact that none of the bankers actually know I am only an intern so they send me request through the week.  I then proceed to have a morning meeting around 10:00am with my supervisor to give her an update on the different projects I am working with and how they are coming along.  It also gives me a chance to ask question about things I may not understand or am having problems with.  That is one thing I have to point out, which is that I have been fortunate to have great supervisors who are always available for any questions.  After I will usually check up on the analyst in my team and check if they need help with any of the projects the are working with.  Most of the time they don’t but if they do its usually just to follow up on a team of bankers who may not be responding to them and just need me to hassle them down because these products are very time sensitive.  I’ll then proceed to sit in my cubical and review expense statements, engagement letters, and company reports for the deals I am assigned to.  This is just one day of the week and usually differs day to day depending on the type of project my supervisor has asked me to work on.    

Now here is an example of how an M&A deal, one of the big products we deal with usually take place and why they are very time sensitive when it comes to billing them.  We have a 90-day window to make sure J.P. Morgan gets paid for its services.  For example let’s say that Auto Company A is interested in buying Auto Company B.  Auto Company A proceeds to bring in J.P. Morgan to facilitate what we would call an acquisition.  J.P. Morgan at this point will appoint a deal team that specializes in the auto industry to do research on both companies and develop a plan to execute this acquisition.  Then the deal team goes on a roadshow, which is usually paid by Auto Company A depending on the agreement settled on in the engagement letter.  What my client billing team is in charge of is basically making sure Auto Company A pays all its fees and that that it initially agreed on. But the reason for the 90 days is that once the acquisition is completed the entire company may change its name from Auto Company A to Auto Company A&B Ultimate.  Company Auto A then no longer exist and we cannot force the new formed Company A&B Ultimate to pay the fees because within the Engagement letter its states that Auto Company A will pay the fees, not the new company that has been created through the acquisition.   This is why the process is so time sensitive, and the bank stands to lose million of dollars in fees.  This is probably the coolest part of my internship, getting to watch multi-million dollar deals unfold and see them follow through till the end. 

An advice I would give to any none business major would be that you don’t have to be a major in business to work in banking.  Most of the skills you need to perform your job will usually be learned after you are hired.  Not just that put the positions usually have programs that will train you on exactly what you need to know for your role.  Which is something that I was not really aware about when I first begun and actually its what always held me back from initially applying to a banking internships.  What an employer is usually looking for is someone who is a quick learner and has a great personality.  People never thing about the personality aspect but you have to realize that the employers are also human and they will be interacting with you and spending ample amount of time with you.  They want to work with someone they are going to like.  My best advise, especially for Fordham College student who are not in the business school is not to be intimidated about applying.  If anything pull out that liberal arts core card, and show them how diverse you are.  The liberal arts core not only tells them you are well rounded but also that you have the ability to learn and manage completely different classes which is a vital skill within banking. 

Lastly, make sure you get an internship while in school in the field you are interested in going into.  This is so important because there is nothing like actually experiencing that profession then actually working in it.  You will never come out loosing anything, even if you end up hating it.  If you hate it, that’s great! Now you know what you don’t want to do and can try something else out.  If you liked it, that’s also great because you now have valid reassurance and experience to back up you career decision. Also internships, regardless of where they are at look great on resumes!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Internship Opportunity: Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics is looking for interns for their Corporate Finance - Summer Internship Program!

Finance / accounting experience; solid analytical and problem-solving skills; ability to work independently; must be comfortable making verbal and written presentations to senior management. 

Description of Opportunity
Summer Interns can expect to work in one of the functional areas listed below.  Each Intern will be assigned a summer project to complete and will be required to present their accomplishments to senior management at the end of the program.  Opportunities are available in the following functional areas, however actual placement will be determined by needs of the business:

1. Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis:  Work with senior leadership to develop strategic plans, budgets and business forecasts at corporate level.  Analyze key business metrics such as financial performance, productivity performance and business trend impacts.  Support cost and revenue initiatives through analysis and reporting.

2. Operation Finance:  Support business unit leadership with analysis of financial and operating performance at business unit level, including analysis of sales to determine potential revenue growth opportunities, analysis of cost structure and process improvement opportunities and analysis of capital investment and working capital management.

3. Commercial Finance: (1) Pricing: Direct impact to the bottom-line by developing and implementing pricing strategies and models to support and influence the business plan. (2) Sales & Marketing Analysis:  Analyze Sales organization effectiveness and develop recommendations to drive results.  Design, implement and manage financial model for sales variable compensation.

4. Health Plan Contract Support: Provide critical analytical support for business leadership of this business segment representing.  Analyze key business metrics related to various national and regional health plans, track and measure critical contractual terms and conditions of significant health plan contracts and assist in the development of forecast and budget projections. Review summary level reporting with health plan finance team as well as regional sales teams. 

5. Treasury: (1) Capital Planning & Analysis: Continually analyze company’s cash flow and liquidity position, ensuring that capital structure is appropriate to fund company’s business plan and achieve lowest possible overall cost of capital.  (2) Capital Markets: Execute capital markets transactions, including bond issuance and redemption, share repurchases and bank funding; continually monitor capital markets and work with investment banks to identify opportunities to optimize capital structure.  (3) Risk Management & Overseas Funding: Monitor risk positions, including interest rate and FX exposures, and recommend and execute appropriate hedging strategies.  Monitor company’s domestic and overseas funding requirements and recommend & execute efficient funding strategies.  (4) Cash Management & Investment: Oversee the cash desk operations, including cash management of the ~$100 million short-term investment portfolio.  

Join Quest Diagnotics for an info session on Tuesday, March 10th from 12:30-2pm in McGinley 234 to learn more about their program. RSVP via CareerLink > Events.  

For more information and to apply to this position today, head to CareerLink, Job ID # 44314.